The Cruise Vacation

I’ve posted some photos of my family’s recent cruise vacation to Mexico here. It was really fun, and I got a bit of a sunburn. Now I’m molting. Teach me to use spray-on sunblock.

Anyway, the ship was pretty cool, and I got a good workout with all the stairs and walking.

I started back to the running thing tonight, and it was a whole lot easier than I expected, after not having done it for over a week.

2.66 miles, 34 minutes.

One Comment on “The Cruise Vacation”

  1. jennzinatx says:

    Three things: (1) you take beautiful photos, (2) you are definiately NOT adopted (how cute are your parents!), and (3) you have FAR too much body hair. Very Steve Carell in 40 Year-Old Virgin. If you decide to wax, let me know and I will fly back to SD to see it!!