Outlook 2011 – Gripes So Far

– Doesn’t sync CalDAV or CardDAV
– I don’t want all these random calendar categories. What is Manager? Why is he/she pink? Why can’t I change the color of my own calendar?
– OMG clutter…
– Choice of sounds: yes or no. Ignores OSX system sounds.
– Editing a contact destroys my CPU
– I don’t want little dropdowns in the sidebar in the mail context for all the meeting rooms I’m a delegate for. They don’t get mail I care about. They’re meeting rooms.

On the upside, it does have the whole ‘isn’t Entourage’ thing going for it. Which is big. Also it’s pretty fast.

Between weirdness with Outlook and Apple Mail randomly crashing, I’m tempted to switch to the Google Apps interface full-time for my personal email. And calendar. And contacts. Oh, Google, you’re starting to rub off on me.