OSX Service: Timestamp Filename

Super quick OSX Service — it takes selected items (i.e. in Finder) and renames them with the current date and time appended to the end. I created it to combat the persistent ‘photo.jpg’ filename of images I email myself from my iPhone. This is something that has irritated me for about 2 years, so I finally took 45 seconds to make this. It’s three Automator actions:

  • Get Selected Finder Items
  • Rename Finder Items (to add Date)
  • Rename Finder Items (to add Time)

I make zero claims of uniqueness or creativity, but I was a little surprised to discover it took three actions. Maybe there’s a regex sub module i’m overlooking.

To use: download, unzip, put in ~/Library/Services and then select items, context-click (or find it in the Finder > Services menu) and get some timestamp on.


For those non-Terminal-inclined people out there, do this:

  1. open Terminal
  2. type:
  3. cd ~/Library/Services
  4. press Enter. Skip to 4 if you don’t get an error. If you get an error about the folder not being found, do:
  5. cd ~/Library
    mkdir Services
    cd Services
  6. type:
  7. open .
  8. press Enter
  9. copy the .zip file from above into this folder
  10. double-click to unzip the workflow
  11. drag the .zip file to the trash

320×240 ought to be enough for anybody

Wine from Epiphany, some Ratatat, and hopefully a little reading and response of/to articles for class. They’re quick and get me into some articles I might not usually read, but I find that I put them off and do other things instead. My house is cleaner than it’s been in a while. Good, I guess, but not in the same way. And then, on to learning about video compression for the ongoing ‘rescue family memories from scary old VHS tape’ project. I wonder what another family member 20 years from now will make of my h.264 videos. (S)he will probably snicker at its two-dimensionality. Fun to consider.