spam calls

I have recently been the lucky recipient of a multitude of spam calls on my cellphone. They’re all a recorded message talking about a warranty on my car, and in a few cases something in spanish I don’t understand. I have decided to list the numbers publicly — if the folks behind the calls don’t respect my privacy, I’ll go out of my way a little bit to disrespect theirs. I’ll even list them in clear text so search engines and spam spiders have an easier time finding them:

410-774-8347 (warranty)
410-774-8323 (warranty)
303-882-4478 (warranty)
206-242-9026 (warranty)
269-768-2354 (warranty)
616-980-2924 (warranty)
231-732-2569 (warranty)
616-980-2900 (warranty)
253-507-9196 (spanish)

More will be added as they (inevitably) call me.

A Convenient vCard of the numbers so far.

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  1. kennardsmith says: is a good place to report these incidents.