Outlook 2011 – Gripes So Far

– Doesn’t sync CalDAV or CardDAV
– I don’t want all these random calendar categories. What is Manager? Why is he/she pink? Why can’t I change the color of my own calendar?
– OMG clutter…
– Choice of sounds: yes or no. Ignores OSX system sounds.
– Editing a contact destroys my CPU
– I don’t want little dropdowns in the sidebar in the mail context for all the meeting rooms I’m a delegate for. They don’t get mail I care about. They’re meeting rooms.

On the upside, it does have the whole ‘isn’t Entourage’ thing going for it. Which is big. Also it’s pretty fast.

Between weirdness with Outlook and Apple Mail randomly crashing, I’m tempted to switch to the Google Apps interface full-time for my personal email. And calendar. And contacts. Oh, Google, you’re starting to rub off on me.

320×240 ought to be enough for anybody

Wine from Epiphany, some Ratatat, and hopefully a little reading and response of/to articles for class. They’re quick and get me into some articles I might not usually read, but I find that I put them off and do other things instead. My house is cleaner than it’s been in a while. Good, I guess, but not in the same way. And then, on to learning about video compression for the ongoing ‘rescue family memories from scary old VHS tape’ project. I wonder what another family member 20 years from now will make of my h.264 videos. (S)he will probably snicker at its two-dimensionality. Fun to consider.


New template, new image, new widgets… all in aid of trying to get myself to blog again. Who knows. Finding lots of fun social stuff thanks to the MA program. Check out one of the assignments about Personal Knowledge Management Systems over at PINOTnet.

Seems like I should get a gallery or something going here too.

haiku morning

I woke up this morning thinking in haiku-form.

My bathroom mirror
Kissed by dewy fog’s embrace
Hard to shave like this.

Quite expectedly,
Cherry blossoms fall like rain
Pass the sushi, please.

Fancy shiny phone…
Why can’t I have one right now?
Eff this, Starbucks time.

Atom330 “Should have 2 cores, but only found1 for die 0” – InsanelyMac Forum

Atom330 “Should have 2 cores, but only found1 for die 0” – InsanelyMac Forum.

solution, part 2.

Cannot install with 2 USB method – Kernel Panic

Cannot install with 2 USB method – Kernel Panic.

solution, part 1

Install Snow Leopard on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required

Install Snow Leopard on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required.

Time to upset the balance again. 2:2 linux:Mac isn’t cutting it. Tonight it becomes 1:3 again. Sorry, Tux.

boot from USB inside of VMware

Great tip how-to boot from USB stick inside of VMware Workstation | ESX Virtualization.

Super-useful tip .. create a tiny VMWare image, install the bootloader (attach as floppy or something), and you can use it to boot an OS on a USB drive.

187 by a motorcycle cop

Several other drivers and I were startled to find a police man standing over his motorcycle in the right shoulder, facing traffic, pointing a radar gun at cars coming around the curve this morning. I’ve never seen such a thing before — it seems unnecessarily hostile. The first thing that springs to mind when you see someone in that stance is not, ‘hey, a police man’ but rather, ‘hey, a gunman’. Not conducive to safe traffic behavior.

Is it so imperative to threaten drivers into going sixty-five that it’s okay to nearly cause accidents? Going a bit faster than what the big sign says is pretty low on the list of violations of the social contract. Go do something useful, highway patrol man. Make it look like my tax dollars are doing something instead of paying you to stand on the freeway.

Eight ways the iPhone pwns the iPad

Eight ways the iPhone pwns the iPad.

Yeah, my phone makes calls and fits in my pocket. My car does not. Clearly the phone is better in every way possible.

Seriously, people, let’s quit bashing on the iPad for not doing things that it’s not designed to do. IPHONE SUCKS BECAUSE I CAN’T DRIVE IT TO WORK. Need I make a list detailing why my car is better than my iPhone? No, because it’s a retarded comparison. Much like iPad – iPhone comparisons. Different things, different uses. Apples to oranges.