dreamhost > godaddy

For a long time, I’ve been meaning to transfer my domain(s) away from GoDaddy, but I never got around to it until the SOPA thing came up. Aside from a completely misogynistic advertising campaign, an eye-stabbingly horrible website, a 1990s-esque lack of ssh support for shared servers, and a CEO that loves shooting elephants for sport, the fact that GoDaddy was the only registrar / host to support SOPA kind of clinched it for me, so on Christmas Eve, I started to transfer my domains away from them.

The groundswell of outrage against GoDaddy suggested various alternative hosts, and I realized that this would be a great time to try out DreamHost. I’ve been incredibly happy so far. SSH: check. Unified account for hosting all my domains: check. Super easy setup: check. In fact, the only hitches that I experienced in transferring my domains involved GoDaddy — first canceling ‘private registration’ through another site that looks porn-ish, then ‘unlocking’ the domains (9 point font or something) and finally, deep in my Accounts page, in a tiny tab, ‘accept’-ing the transfer request. I understand that these things lock the domain against malicious transfers and whatnot, but that I had to find out about how to do it from a competitors blog post¬†sort of put the cherry on top of my wanting to leave GoDaddy. For DreamHost’s part, they emailed me a link to accept the transfer for each domain. Click. Done.

It was a great time to cancel domains I didn’t want or couldn’t take with me (apparently you have to be a Spanish national to transfer/register .es domains now .. goodbye, filespac.es idea…) and the .co domain is $24.95 to register (instead of DreamHost’s $9.95 for .com/.net/.org) so I let go of my never-used scottsimpson.co. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my first domain, registered in 2000, but I’m keeping it for sentimental value (atryx.net). I brought my fraternity domains over as well (lambdachisdsu.org and lambdachisdsu.com) until they re-colonize.

So we’ll see how this new adventure goes.