Buddhists for Ramanujan

Jews for Jesus. They’re everywhere. One of them handed me a flyer today. The flyer had a picture of an old woman on it, with a quote that said “Before you dismiss my beliefs, listen to my reasons” or something like that. She was/is a Holocaust survivor. Talk about an appeal to an inappropriate authority… Elie Wiesel had an important theological revelation after his experiences in the camps … coming to accept Jesus into a Jewish worldview is not a revelation. It’s a conversion. People who follow the Old Testament of the Bible (read: Jews) that accept Jesus (who appears in Bible, Act II: The New Testament) (read: Christians) are… Christians. That’s what we call a fundamental divide. You’ll never see Christians accepting Muhammad as a prophet … that’s where most of the division between the religions comes in. It’s like Buddhists accepting a materialist Hindu view. Sure, both groups accept parts of the old Vedic teachings, but they’re very very different.

Jews for Jesus are, at the very most, entertaining. Much like the preachers that come to campus and are offended by the preponderance of exposed skin, alcohol and sexual imagery, and the like. Wrong audience, wrong message.


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